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Dear native speaker teachers, proofreaders (translators) and babysitters (mentors, governesses, male tutors)!

We are pleased to see you on our website.

ENGLISH LOGICS, Ltd. is a language centre in Moscow where all the staff are exclusively native speakers from different countries world wide.
The services we render include:

  • Teaching foreign languages and different school subjects
  • Proofreading (translation)
  • Voice-overs
  • Babysitting (nannies, governesses, mentors, male tutors)
  • Education abroad
  • Visa application assistance

We are happy to help expats in Moscow get a full-time (part-time) job as language teachers, proofreaders (translators) and babysitters (governesses, male tutors, mentors).

Are you a qualified proofreader or a translator who prefers working at home?

With us you will be able to get new orders for proofreading/traslation from our customers and earn money without having to travel anywhere.

Are you a professional teacher looking for a job in Moscow?

Are you a qualified babysitter, a governess, a male tutor or a mentor?

We can definitely get you one whether you seek to be officially hired full time or just want to make some extra cash while you are in Moscow. Either way you are at the right place! Our goal is to give you the opportunity to make additional income here by providing you with new students. If you are already busy teaching privately we would be happy to help you fill in the gaps in your schedule.

You have the opportunity to apply your experience and realize your great love for children by helping busy Russian families in Moscow take care of their little kids and teach them to speak your native language in a natural way by talking to them, telling stories and playing games.


Please, follow a few simple steps to join our Language Centre:

  1. Go to the Teacher registration area
  2. Enter your valid email address to confirm your application, then open your email and follow the link you will find in there to be redirected to the application form.
  3. Fill out the application form, attach your photograph, copies of your certificates and high school diploma. If you do not have any of the above-mentioned copies at the moment — just submit the form as is. You can send us the copies later on.
  4. Our coordinator will call you on your mobile phone shortly thereafter to talk things over.
  5. You will then be invited to be interviewed by our professional linguist from the US who is supposed to check your credentials and professional skills.

After being accepted you will be offered your first students who are expected to give us their feedback soon as to how good your job is and whether they are content with it.
We are proud of working with the best professionals so some time later a raise can be discussed provided that more and more customers keep telling us how much of a terrific professional you are.

Should you have any questions before going through the registration process please do not hesitate to contact us either via email welcome@EnglishLogics.ru or call us:

Landline: +7-499-391-12-02
Mobile:     +7-926-157-07-01 Natalia (coordinator)